How Does Allah Look?

How Does Allah Look? by Emma Apple

This Islamic children’s book shows readers how much we really know and how much we still have yet to understand, by taking a closer look at the vastness of planet Earth.  Muslim children will learn to seek knowledge, and ask questions while understanding that the knowledge of God/Allah is far beyond ours.

How Big Is Allah?

How Big Is Allah?

In this book, readers will embark on a journey of size and discovery through the cosmos. Using astronomy and the natural world to teach Muslim children about the greatness of God/Allah, How Big Is Allah? is an Islamic children’s book unlike any other you have on your bookshelf.

ما هوَ حَجم الله؟ – How Big Is Allah? (Arabic)

How Big Is Allah? Arabic by Emma Apple

ما هوَ حَجم الله؟  is the #1 Best-Selling Islamic Children’s Book How Big Is Allah? Arabic Edition.

سافر في رِحلة شَيقة في الكَون العَميق وَ أستَعين بِعلوم الفَلَك وَ طَبيعَة الأرض لِتتأمل عَجائب الكَون و عَضَمَة خالِقة