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Ramadan is almost upon us again! As our gift to you, to celebrate the return of this blessed month, we have created a free, printable, Ramadan Reading Journal. Perfect for use with children of all ages and reading levels.

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Owl & Cat: Islam Is by Emma Apple

Islamic School Librarian

Reviewing: Owl & Cat: Islam Is...

"To say that I liked the book is an understatement, I loved it! It is perfect for bedtime and story time for kids 1 to 4. ... The pictures not only are the story, but add a wonderful sprinkling of humor"

Various Reviewers

Various Reviewers

Reviewing: How Big Is Allah?

"Allahu Akbar" - Little Life Of Mine
"one of a kind" - Middle Way Mom
"Amazin!" Sh. Navaid Aziz
"an absolute must-have" - Salafi Feminist
"highly recommended" - Read Little Muslims

One Meal More: A Multicultural Ramadan Story by Emma Apple - Little Moon Books

Amazon Reviewer

Reviewing: One Meal More

"It's been my goal to provide books for my children that show Muslims of all different colors and backgrounds, and that is exactly what this book does. [...] We are proud to add it to our collection of Ramadan books to be read for years to come in sha Allah."


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